JMSS Sailfish – Developmental Swim League

The JMSS Sailfish swim team is a year-round program offering swimmers, ages 4 – 12, a fun and stress-free environment to build their competitive swimming skills while having the experience of swimming as a team sport. Our goal is for your swimmer to learn new skills, practice and execute them consistently, and build confidence.

Sailfish is an introductory program designed to teach and improve competitive swimming strokes. The focus is on building endurance, refining proper technique, interval training and learning about the swimming world as a whole.

  • The requirement to join is to be able to swim 25 yards (the long way of the JMSS big pool) in Freestyle and Backstroke.
  • New swimmers must be evaluated prior to enrollment.  Evaluations are free and can be scheduled online or by calling the JMSS front desk during normal business hours.

Info & Objectives:

    • Swim practices: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings 6:00 – 7:00 pm and Saturdays 8:30 – 9:30 am.
    • Students can reserve one or two swim practices per week
    • Fun swim meets! (See info below)
    • Swimmer/coach ratio 7:1
    • Develop, refine, and maintain basic competitive swimming skills in accordance with USA Swimming rules.
    • Provide a safe and fun learning environment.
    • Provide appropriate instruction to help improve each swimmer’s skill level.
    • Promote enjoyment of swimming and interest in competitive swimming.
    • Go to our FAQ’s page for more swim team info.

Coaches will be in the water and coaching on the pool deck during practices

Swim meets

We offer fun swim meets (September through May) where swimmers compete against their own time and goals. Our coaches are there to help swimmers set appropriate goals and teach how to train for them. We want to stress how low-key and fun these swim meets are.

Our emphasis is not on competing against each other but an opportunity to reward our swimmers for their hard work in practice. It also gives our parents a chance to be involved in running a swim meet. For those preparing for the Dallas Summer Swim League (DSSL)  it will be the perfect opportunity to work on those  areas that need improvement.      

Developmental Swim League

Fall Season

September – December

  • Practice Times: Tue, Wed, Thu 6:00-7:00pm & Sat 8:30-9:30am
  • Cost: $84.00/session (one practice per week) 15% off for subsequent sessions
  • Swim Meets:  Monday’s at 5:00pm (warm up at 4:30pm)
    • Sep 11 @ JMSS
    • Oct 9 @ JCC
    • Nov 6 @ JMSS
    • Dec 11 @ JCC
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