About Jim Montgomery Swim School

The Jim Montgomery Swim School aims to provide for the needs of all ages and abilities, from the youngest to the most senior. We also have the ability, unique in the North Dallas area, to provide developmental swimming lessons, a set of pathways connecting the basic abilities of the pre-adolescent swimmer with the competitive vistas of high school, college, and Masters swimming. We are conveniently located at the intersection of Preston and Beltline Rd. and are within easy driving distance from the Park Cities, North Dallas, Richardson, and Plano area. Our facility offers two warm water teaching pools; a 29 X 50 ft. and a 30 X 75 ft. Both pools are equipped with high-quality UV water purification systems to keep the water clean and pure at all times.


Our vision is to utilize the proven swimming and coaching techniques of three time Olympic gold medalist, Jim Montgomery, along with a staff of certified instructors, to teach students of all ages basic to advanced swimming skills.


The Jim Montgomery Swim School teaching sequence builds positive reinforcement.

The students are constantly learning/moving/motivated/focused i.e. learning faster in a super charged positive environment. After each drill is mastered, there is always a “High Five” with the coach. If there is any learning by observation, it’s the instructor demonstrating with “all eyes on him” not one or several students waiting their turn.

Students are constantly challenged at their own pace to move to the next level. Higher quality hence higher standards. That’s what the Olympic ideal is all about – setting higher goals and standards to achieve excellence.

We develop confidence beyond the swimming pool by providing specific, consistent, and encouraging feedback to help all abilities progress to the next level.

We provide a distinct reward program offering incentives for children to be recognized for their hard work.  In addition, a repeatable process is developed where children learn how their attitudes, actions and behaviors impact their confidence beyond the swimming pool.

We are “process” oriented rather than “outcome” oriented.

We focus on the “skills to be taught” for that level rather than the “Advancement Goals.” Confidence is built one step at a time. We prepare our coaches and instructors to react quickly in a positive confident manner. Our coaches and instructors know how to differentiate swim lessons to fit each swimmer’s needs. Our lead coaches are always there to support our instructors and students in any way possible.

Quality instruction that comes from winning Olympic gold.

Instructors treat our students and parents with respect. The instructors offer praise, encouragement, and suggestions on how the students can improve i.e. homework.  If they practice drills at home, it has been proven the student will master a skill like breathing twice as fast in the water. Communication with parents is a high priority at the Jim Montgomery Swim School.

A look at our new facility.