Kids FAQ

What to bring to your Baby Swim Lessons class?

  • 2 Reusable cloth swim diapers with elastic that is tight around the legs and waist (We sell swim diapers at our front desk)
  • Swim suit for the parent who will be getting in the water with baby
  • A change of clothes for baby to change into after swimming
  • Car seat to set baby in while parent changes
  • A towel for baby and a towel for parent
  • Bottle or breastfeeding supplies. Baby might get hungry after all the exercise.
  • A plastic bag for wet clothes
  • A calm and relaxing attitude. Babies pick up tension from rush and stress.

Do you offer make-ups for missed classes?

Yes we do! Please check out our “Make-Up Policy” page for more info.

Do I have to stay during my child's swim lesson?

Yes; with the exception of swim team, we require a parent or guardian to stay on-site during the lesson. Your young swimmer wants to know you’re there for them, especially if they need assistance in the restroom.

What is Perpetual Enrollment?

Each child will remain enrolled and the card on file will be billed the first of every month.

What if we need to discontinue lessons?

While we hate to see you go, we ask that you notify JMSS thirty (30) days before you wish to withdraw. Cancellations must be received by by filling out this cancellation form.

Do you require Swim Diapers?

Every swimmer under the age of 3 is required to wear two cloth, reusable swim diapers which can be purchased at JMSS even if they are FULLY potty trained.

How much do lessons cost?

  • Group lessons, Flounders through SF 7 are $80.00 a month to come once a week.
  • Semi-privates Angelfish and Starfish are $120.00 a month to come once a week.
  • Baby Splash lessons are FREE until your child turns 6 months of age.
  • A one time registration fee of $25 per family, Adult classes are excluded   
  • We offer a 15% multiple class and/or multiple child discount.
  • We ask for a 30-day notice to end your class. Drop us an email or let us know when you come for lessons.
  • Classes are pro-rated at a per lesson rate if you start or end in the middle of a month. We also pro-rate for any holiday closures. If you leave in the middle of the month you pay for the classes you are enrolled for.
  • Some months have four lessons and some months have five lessons. Considering we are a year-round swim school, we average out the monthly cost for the year. The maximum fee per month is $80 for kids group lessons and $120 for semi-privates.

When is JMSS closed?

JMSS is closed on major holidays. If your lesson happens to fall on a major holiday, you will not be charged for the lesson and you do not need to request a make-up

Major holidays closed Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday, Christmas Eve day through January 1st, New Year’s Day, 4th of July.

Why come once a week for lessons?

The idea behind our program is working on the kids’ level and starting with the basics and comfort, which is the essential building block to successful swimming. We start with the basics to get children comfortable and build from there.

The results are in and when a child is consistently attending their weekly lesson we see a huge change in their comfort and skills! If you wish for your child to come twice a week we can accomodate for that as well!

What equipment do I need for my Swordfish 5, 6 and 7?

Swordfish swimmers need to bring the following with them to every lesson:

  • Swim cap
  • Goggles
  • Fins

How long will it take before my kid can swim?

We cannot say that one kid will learn to swim in any certain timeframe. It is our belief that after two months of consistent swimming you should be able to see improvement in your child’s abilities. Every child can learn but they all learn differently and at their own pace.

Why does my child need a bracelet to enter the pool deck?

Every swimmer MUST take a bracelet and they can drop it with their instructor when they get to class. Children may NOT be left unattended before, during or after their lesson.

Does my child need anything else to swim?

We suggest for children to learn better to have their hair pulled back into a ponytail or a swim cap to keep it out of their eyes

My child has a cut, can they get in the water?

No open wounds may enter the pool.

My child isn’t feeling well today, what should we do about lessons?

If your child has a fever or a contagious disease, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor for the proper course of action.

Does my child need to wear goggles?

We recommend all students have their goggles ready to go before class to get right into swimming however we do have deck goggles available in case they are forgotten. If a child removes them more than twice then we do have them leave them off for the remainder of the lesson. During slide time we encourage students to go without goggles to help them learn what it is like to be goggle free while swimming.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes!  We offer trial classes for all parent child classes.  We do not offer trial classes for any other levels; we encourage you to sign up for a free swim evaluation on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Can parents be on the deck?

You may sit on the deck as long as the classes going on are not interrupted. If you have any questions please check in with a manager or deck supervisor.

Can parents talk to instructors about progress?

Parents are asked to seek out the deck supervisor or manager on duty for any questions or concerns. Our instructors need 100% of their attention on their lessons and may not talk to parents during class times. All communications must go through front desk, manager or deck supervisor. Once your child achieves a skill you will receive email confirmation of the skill.

How does my child advance?

Once your child meet the skills for each level they will advance.  Each child learns and develops at their own individual pace so we cannot give a timeline for advancement.  It is our goal for your child to succeed and gain confidence and we will move them up as soon as they are ready.

Can we keep the same day and time once my child advances?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same day, time, or instructor for your child once they advance, that will all be determined on availability.

Why did my child not get a ribbon?

Ribbons are only awarded for skill achievement.  It is our philosophy at JMSS to celebrate every small victory through praise and encouragement, however, that will not always be accompanied with a ribbon or a medal.

What is your inclement weather policy?

If we have to close for any inclement weather we will post it on our Facebook page and schedule makeups for classes missed.

What age can my kids start to swim?

We start acclimating kids to the water as early as three months old but do not start submersions until six months of age. We believe that early water acclimation will help kids to feel at home in the water.

How long is a lesson?

Each lesson runs thirty minutes long in the baby and kids pool. Once they have graduated up to our advanced program the lessons will run an hour long.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and payments can be made via our online parent portal.

What are your bathroom policies?

We ask that all students use the restroom before each class to help keep our class time focused on swimming. If your child needs to use the restroom during class our Deck Supervisor will alert a parent.

Adults FAQ

How long will it take me to learn to swim?

We define swimming as being able to relax and move around in any depth of water with total comfort, as long as you want. Since each person has a unique history with the water, a specific time-frame cannot be predicted. The Overcoming Fear and Beginning Swimming classes are designed to build skills through repeated sessions. The goal is comfort in the water therefore going at your own pace is the key. Like learning anything, consistent practice produces faster results.

Why are your classes so long and why can't I come just once a week?

From years of teaching beginning and afraid adults, we have discovered they need time to go slowly, explore the water and not be pushed or rushed to try new skills.  After the first hour in the pool, real discovery and learning is just starting to happen.

We have also discovered, for new swimmers, class once a week is not enough time to practice their skills and make significant progress.

How do I find out my swimming level?

Take our swimming quiz first to find out. Many students start with an Introduction to Swimming class where you can get a low-cost sample of our teaching system and recommendations from an instructor. You may also sign up for a free 10 minute swim evaluation by filling out the form on our homepage.

I can already swim in shallow water, do I need the beginning class?

If you need the bottom or side of the pool to stop and get air while you’re swimming, or are afraid of the deep end, yes the beginning class is for you. Once you have complete trust in yourself in shallow water and you know how to move around and get air whenever you want, you will begin to lose your fear of the deep water. These skills are taught in the Beginning Swimming class and will greatly enhance what you already know about swimming.

Will I learn to tread water in the beginning or deep water class?

The world of swimming students believes that treading is the one skill that if learned, will save them, or will make them comfortable. However, surprisingly, this is not true. The skill that makes you safe is being able to stay in control, float and use basic propulsion. Once you can do this in deep water, when you no longer have your attention focused on survival, then you are ready to learn the mechanics of strokes and treading.

I'm a beginner, why can't I start with the Beginning Strokes class?

If you were new to running, you would not expect to complete a marathon the first week. A house cannot be build without a foundation. Performing strokes, but still needing the side or the bottom of the pool to rest and get air, is not swimming. Learning freestyle can only be successful after essential basic skills are mastered.

How many students are in a class?

Our classes are small to allow time to work with each student at their level. The average is 4 – 6 students with one instructor and one teaching assistant.

What equipment do I need?

Swim suit – Many “fashion suits” can retain up to five pounds of water when wet, making it hard for you to learn how to swim. We recommend a simple one piece Lycra suit for women and a boxer or jammer type suit for men, which are designed to shed water. Some students also feel comfortable wearing a close-fitting swim shirt for sun protection.

Goggles – We recommend wearing goggles as they will provide good underwater vision and will help prevent eye irritation. There are many different styles to choose from so if you are buying a new pair, try them on in the store and make sure they seal comfortably around the eye without the goggle strap. Soft silicone seals are the most comfortable for new swimmers.

Swim cap – Hair needs to be kept out of the face so it is recommended that men and women with long hair wear a swim cap. Silicone is the most comfortable.

How do I cancel or reschedule a class I have registered for?

Adult Class cancellations must be received by phone or email 72-hours prior to the start time, or by filling out this cancellation form. Payment may be refunded (minus a $20 admin fee)​ or credited to your JMSS account towards a future class. Due to the small class size, there are no refunds for cancellations received within 72-hours of the class start date, or after the class has started.

Swim Team FAQ

What if my swimmer can’t swim the whole hour?

No problem. The coaches know it is an adjustment to transition from a 30-minute swim class to one hour, so we want to make sure anyone joining the team can gradually build up to the one hour of practice. A student can finish their practice anytime. However, we ask that swimmers arrive at practice on time and ready to go.

What if we miss practice; will there be make-ups?

Sorry, there are no make-ups for sailfish sessions.

How is the practice organized?

Swimmers will be assigned swim lanes and a training group according to skill level. The exception will be our 6 and under group who will all train together. The majority of practice time will be spent on learning and refining strokes. We also will work on building endurance; learning about swim team structure, such as circle swimming; how to use a pace clock; and Coach Jim’s tips on racing. Every week we will introduce our swim skill focus of the week.

Can I join in the middle of a session?

Yes, you can join anytime and we will prorate your monthly dues. If you are switching from a weekly class time, then we will adjust your monthly dues accordingly.

How can parents help out?

Getting your swimmer(s) to all the JMSS Sailfish swim meets on time and ready to go will be important. Parents should inform the coaches if, for any reason, your swimmer will not be at the meet. During the Summer Session (May 30 – July 10) you may be asked to volunteer to help run the Monday afternoon swim meets; Don’t worry our coaches are here to guide you through the process.

General Policies FAQ


Make-ups for adult classes will be offered only in the case of pool closure or extreme weather conditions. All other situations will be considered on a case by case basis.

Registration Cancellation

You will need to notify JMSS thirty (30) days before you wish to withdraw. You can stop by the JMSS front desk and submit a cancellation form or  by filling out this cancellation form.

Pool safety

Our classes are held at pools fully staffed with certified lifeguards. Instructors will introduce you to the pool rules at the beginning of each session. Parents are responsible for children around the pool outside of class time. Always read the posted safety rules when visiting a pool for the first time.