Swimming Evaluations

Free Swim Evaluation For Children ages 6+ With Previous Swim Experience & Adults!

Having trouble trying to determine which swim class will best suit you or your child?  Sign up for a swim evaluation by emailing booking@jmswim.com or by calling us at 469-345-7946 to schedule an appointment.

Evaluations are offered as our schedule permits, please contact us for available times. Evaluations are not a swim lesson, they last anywhere from 5-10 minutes and are for swimmers to show us their highest skill level. Any student who is not comfortable in the water, has not had previous swim lesson experience, or who does not meet our basic skill requirements will not be booked in for evaluations and should be placed into the beginning level for their age group. We are a skills based program and we assess their skills each and every class.

  • For a student age 3-6 who has never had swim lessons before, we will NOT perform an evaluation; they will be placed in our beginning swim level. No exceptions.
  • Swimmers who are comfortable swimming only in flotation devices should start in a beginning swim level
  • For beginner adults without basic skills, a swim evaluation is not necessary. Answer a few questions and find your level HERE