In the 1980s, swim instructors learned a fundamental truth: Teaching the same swim lessons to adults as you would to kids doesn’t work – especially with adults who have a fear of water. Skills such as kicking and floating on the front and back are too advanced for adults who have put off learning to swim because they fear water. About 46 percent of adults fit the definition of aquaphobia, according to a 1998 Gallup Poll, and there’s a good chance this number has gone up since.

 Adults with a fear of water are unable to learn the same skills traditionally taught to children, who have never been introduced to water before and can’t fear what they don’t know. For these adults, we don’t classify them as swimmers no matter the number of strokes they know. We can’t call them swimmers because they are still prone to fear and subject to panic in deep waters and can’t safely navigate it on their own.

Jim Montgomery Adult Swim

Low angle view of a young man swimming underwater in a swimming pool

At the Jim Montgomery Swim School, we’ve put together a program for adults guaranteed to produce results. We understand how fear of water is developed in adults and how it can be overcome. We’re one of a select number of schools in the country that offer classes introducing relevant water safety skills before teaching strokes. You’re guaranteed an experience that comforts and encourages you as you participate in our program, where our instructors listen to your concerns and help you meet personal goals at your own pace. By the end of our program, you should see a noticeable difference in your comfort level in the water, ability to remain in control while swimming, and be able to avoid panic and trust your ability to swim more than ever before.

Summer is around the corner, which means longer days and great weather for outdoor activities are around the corner. We’ve had graduates who have felt a new sense of peace around their friends’ pools after completing our adult swim program. So, why not take that step to finding peace that you’ve never felt before and enroll today? We invite you take a look at the different classes that we offer under adult swim.

Don’t know where to start? Take our swimming quiz to help find the right class for your ability level. Have more questions? Give us a call at 469-345-7946 or come see us in-person at 14902 Preston Road, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75254.