Coach Jim's Swim Terms

Coach Jim's Swim Teaching Terms you will hear around the pool.

Back to the wall – Student swims around the instructor back to the wall (safety drill)

Chicken wing, airplane, rocket ship – Elementary backstroke. Like Zipper, thumbs slide up the body to form chicken wings, both arms extended away from body to form an airplane, then it’s blast off as both arms sweep down to rocket ship

Crush the can, angel, bow – Butterfly arm pull and kick. What is your favorite soft drink? Put your hands on top of a big can and crush it down to your hips, then sweep both arms forward like an angel’s wings, bow from the hips

Doggie Digs –  Swim like a big dog not like a little dog. First phase of teaching Freestyle arm stroke. Reaching the arms forward out of the water producing a long stroke

Heels, toes, out and around – Breaststroke kick. On your stomach, legs straight, touch your heels together and bring your heels to your bottom as close as you can. Point your toes sideways, and kick both legs out and around like a frog

Listen to the fish, talk to the fish – Side breathing freestyle. Listen to fish, head is sideways taking a breath; talk to the fish, face in the water exhaling air.

Pizza belly – Backstroke body position promoting streamlining – keeping your stomach and hips close to the surface. What does your belly look like after you eat three pizzas!

Rollovers – Rolling from front to back float in streamline position.

Sail boat, karate chop, rocket ship – Full competitive backstroke. Straight arm recovery over the shoulder to form a sailboat mast at 90 degrees. Hands enter little pinky first or karate chop, followed by arm sweeping down to the side.

Sneaky Alligator – Keeping your body in a streamline position, arms together one hand on top of other reaching forward eyes looking at the bottom of pool

Starfish Float – front float with no movements with arms and legs stretched wide

Super Swim – swimming off of the wall with arms stretched out in the superman position

Y, shiver, punch or also known as show me a pizza, slice it in half – breaststroke arm pull. Keep arms straight as they sweep out to form the letter “Y”. Hands and elbows sweep in front of chin like it’s cold and you’re shivering. Hands and arms reach forward (punch) into streamline position

Zipper – Second phase of teaching Freestyle arm stroke – thumbs touch sides of body as they act like a zipper from your hip up to your arm pit. Teaches arms moving in a forward motion instead of swinging to the side