Swimming helps Kids Think

Swimming a Smart Move for Kids


Griffith University conducted a study about how children benefit from receiving swim lessons at an early age. The study was the first international study of its kind and focused on children from birth to 5 years old. Children who receive swimming instruction tend to be 7 months ahead on their motor skills and 10 months ahead in their levels of cognition – mental skills associated with math, spelling, and language development. Children are 15 months ahead of their peers, on average, in emotional development after completing swim lessons.

Ultimately, the study found that swimming helps children gain new skills and capacities that increase their achievements in school. We’re happy to say we’ve seen similar results, as well as other benefits that go far beyond water safety, for children who have been trained at the Jim Montgomery Swim School. You won’t find better swim lessons or a better swim school to help your children develop a foundation in the water for the rest of their life than the Jim Montgomery Swim School. Contact us today.


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