Here at JMSS we want all kids to experience the joy of swim lessons and the benefits of the water.  We believe that all children can learn but they may learn in different ways. Our facility is equipped with a warm water pool and UV filtration system that keeps our water nice and clean for our swimmers. Our staff love kids and get “on their level” during class time to make it a fun and educational class. We are not a therapy pool and we do not have specialized training but  believe in adaptive swimming for all. Please stop by our front desk to sign up or for more information you can email ellis@jmswim.com

Swimming is one of the many challenges faced by children with autism or other special needs. Jim Montgomery Swim School offers classes to work with these children that are designed to accommodate their unique way of learning and navigating the world around them. We believe that our program breaks down barriers, improves confidence, physical fitness, and teaches children with special needs to be safe around water for the rest of their life. These swim lessons need to be scheduled through our front desk in person. 

  • Classes are offered Friday 4:30-6:30 pm
  • This is a water experience, not therapy – it is up to our discretion to whether it will be a group or one-on-one lesson.


Children with autism are drawn to water more than other children. In fact, 91% of all wandering deaths for children with autism are the result of drowning. Children with autism see, feel, and understand life differently than others. We have studied these characteristics and translated them into a strategy for teaching autistic children how to swim and be safe in and around the water. Every child with autism is different. So, our program is designed to approach these differences with child-centered methods of instruction. We can even provide visual support like skill cards when necessary to help these children process and comprehend the skills they’re learning in our swimming program.


An adapted swimming lesson for special needs children is a relatively new concept. Many parents don’t realize how therapeutic water is for children with autism. Because children on the autism spectrum often face sensory overload, the weightless and free feeling of being in the water relaxes and calms these senses. Our program is specifically designed to teach your special needs children how to navigate the water in the manner that they best navigate life. Your autistic child can enjoy the peace swimming brings and be safe around water with the skills we teach.