Adult Swimmers

Find Your Class Level

Review the following questions to pinpoint the best place for you as you begin your swimming adventure.

  • Are you comfortable getting into a shallow swimming pool
  • Are you comfortable putting your face, nose, mouth, and ears in the water?
  • Are you okay if someone bumps into you in the water, or you get splashed?
  • Are you comfortable trying to float on your front, away from the wall in shallow water, and then stand up?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, sign up for Overcoming Fear of Water.

In addition to the previous,

  • Can you float on your back in shallow water?
  • Can you roll over between front and back float, repeatedly?
  • Can you get air without standing up or holding the side of the pool?
  • Can you swim one length of the pool, putting your face in and out of the water to breathe?

If you answered NO to any of these questions sign up for Beginning Swimming.

If you answered YES to all the questions, then you are ready for Strokes I.

If you need more information, please email our Adult Program Coordinator: