I recommend Jim Montgomery swim school to anyone who is interested in learning to swim. They allow you to learn at your own pace in a very comfortable environment. I started with beginner classes and also took strokes classes. I look forward to continuing my swimming experience.

– Keunna, Dallas

This school has an AMAZING approach to helping ADULTS learn to swim. I’ve taken three separate swim classes as an adult over the past 15 years and have failed to become water safe. This year for my fourth attempt to master the basics, I decided to try JMSS. I knew I was comfortable in shallow water but still harbored a pretty good fear of deep water. I started with Beginning Swim; by the end of the sessions, I was able to move the entire length of the larger pool without touching the bottom or sides. Next step, conquering the deep. By the end of these sessions, I was able to join my classmates and jump off a diving board into 17 feet of water and back float to the wall. It is clearly apparent that the team at Jim Montgomery are passionate about what they do. Cheryl and Donna go above and beyond and the facility is top notch. I look forward to [taking] the Strokes classes with coach Jim.

–  Sammie, Dallas (Aug 2018)

You guys made my dream come true, I never thought I could swim.

– Suman, Dallas (Dec 2016)

I could not have done what I’ve done this week without Jim.  For the first time in my life, I’m swimming in the middle of the ocean, diving, and snorkeling.  We even swam Thunderball Grotto (from the James Bond movie) today!  I’m 100% better than when I started.

– Brint R., Dallas

JMSS is the best swim program in the Dallas area. Their professional staff is doing an amazing job of teaching my 4-year-old daughter proper swim techniques and their swim team is definitely building her self-confidence. I believe that JMSS is truly succeeding where the other swim programs we have attended have come up short. She has always liked to swim, but after we started attending JMSS, she LOVES to swim. Our daughter’s smile is always a little bigger on swim days and we are proud to see her grow and develop under their guidance.

– Swim Mom, Dallas (Sep 2016)

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to JM Swim School. After completing the adult Beginning Swimming class in March, I gained the confidence and skills needed to continue learning and achieve my goals. I have since purchased a home with a pool and have enjoyed many swims with my boys. I also completed a PADI Open Water SCUBA certification and will be traveling for a dive trip soon.

Floating on the surface of the lake, and diving down to 40 feet to explore, I smiled to remember practicing in the shallow pool just a few months ago in class. Thanks for your simple and effective teaching that has helped unlock a new range of experiences for me.

– John, Dallas

The class that you teach is truly remarkable. The concept works. This was one class that I absolutely hated to see come to an end. The concept of conquering the fear of water seems so obvious yet I have never heard of anyone else who teaches it. You are correct that once the fear is gone, you can concentrate on beginning to learn to swim. The first two days, I sat in your class incredibly nervous. Yet, your patient, calm and personable way of teaching soon would change my nervousness and apprehension into the most enjoyable and successful swim class that I have ever experienced. Your calmness is so contagious and makes a world of difference. John was also an incredible instructor, his sense of humor broke a lot of tense moments in the classroom as well as at pool-side. Both of you complement each other and make such a successful team. Once again, thank you. I feel so privileged that I came across your website and found your swimming instruction classes. I will highly recommend you.

– Mary, Dallas

Driving home from our last class I had tears in my eyes. Fear of water was gone. My tears were not tears of sadness for the loss of fear. My tears were for what I had accomplished, what I had experienced, and the journey I had successfully navigated…Later that afternoon, my wife and I went to a pool party at an acquaintance’s house. As I walked out to the backyard, I saw their pool. In the past, I would have approached a pool and checked for steps, where the shallow part ends and the dreaded deep begins, and the location of ladders. I would also have experienced a certain amount of tenseness. This time my first thought was, ‘It’s too small.’ Can you imagine? It’s too small! I stood and looked calmly at the pool and thought, ‘Sorry, but you’re not big enough for me to enjoy.

– Tim, Arlington

When you take a class from an Olympian, you figure the name is a marketing ploy. But I can speak for this class; they know what they’re doing.

– Radha, Dallas

I really enjoyed my first official swim class in 20 years! The Introductory course definitely eased some of my anxiety since I’ve never been able to float in a horizontal position with my face in the water before until today. I felt great today after the class because of what we were able to accomplish in the brief time frame. I also thought that the pace was just right for me and liked your teaching and instruction style. I understand that I still have a long way to go, but it was a new beginning for me in that I finally got into a swimming pool and started this quest to conquer my fear of water. I’m looking forward to taking the full beginning class soon.

– Fred, Dallas