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Swim Year-Round

Our heated indoor pools provide the perfect environment for year round lessons. Keeping skills up, working towards being water safe(r) and maintaining a child's bond with their instructor and the facility is important for success. Swimming isn't just a sport, it contributes to positive social, emotional, and cognitive development. We recommend maintenance lessons year round to keep your kiddos swimming safely and confidently.

Summer is winding down but swim lessons don't have to!

Some reasons why parents choose to do swim lessons only part of the year are:

  • swimming in the winter may make my child sick

This is one myth that many people still hold on to. In fact, swimming in the winter helps kids stay active in the cold months when they can't play outdoors. These active kids will stay engaged and healthy, and end up boosting their immune systems. Small children need constant exposure to the water, and lots of time to become confident with water play. Large gaps of time between swim lessons can let a fear of water develop.

At JMSS our heated pools, warm facility and full shower area including hair dryers will ensure that your child will be warm both during and after their swim class.

  • my child already spends a lot of time in other pools during the summer

It's true, during the summer children spend a lot of time in other pools. Just because a child plays in other pools in the summer doesn't guarantee that they are developing healthy swimming skills. Year round swimming lessons helps your child stay confident with their skills and continue to grow into a better and stronger little swimmer.

  • my child is too busy with other extracurricular activities

Your child may want to give up swim lessons for another sport or activity. However, encourage your child to stick with it as they are developing not just mentally, but physically as well. Children thrive on routine and if you keep the swim lessons as part of the weekly routine, they will be a star swimmer in no time. Graduating from one group to the next will help them feel successful and keep them motivated to "just keep swimming."

  • can't justify the cost of lessons year round

It's hard not to justify the cost of swimming lessons year round when thinking about all the benefits that the lessons provide. Staying active, promoting child development, boosting their immune system, decreasing anxiety and depression, and confident swimming skills are only a few of the benefits your child will gain from year round swim lessons.

Here's some tips and advice on how to maintain your swimming activities all year round:

  • Keep your kids warm: Make sure they dry their hair properly and wrap them up in warm clothing before they walk outside
  • Maintain a healthy diet: Colds and flus are most common during the winter months; keep up the healthy foods during winter including lots of leafy greens and warm soups
  • Give them time to rest and recuperate: Winter is the perfect time to recuperate and build our energy sources. After swimming classes, make sure they have a good meal and a good nap.
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