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Water Safety Checklist

Summer approaching, kids out of school and lots of activities planned around the water. In case you could not participate in our Water Safety Week, I wanted to give parents our water safety checklist to make sure our kids are always safe at the pool and around the house. 

~ A Water Watcher must be assigned to watch children in the pool. Constant supervision is key which means no cell phones or iPads, especially during parties or large gatherings.

~ Invite your kids into the pool. Make it a rule that they are not allowed in the water until you or another adult goes in the pool or an adult water watcher is present. Running and jumping into the water is tempting but can be dangerous if a child slips, especially at the edge of the pool.

~ Never rely on water wings or other inflatable toys; they can give a false sense of security. Inflatable water wings can NOT protect your child from drowning.

~ Remove all toys from the pool when kids are finished swimming. This will prevent children from trying to recover them when unsupervised.

~ If you have a pool in your backyard, make sure the pool is properly fenced and complies with current regulations. Understand that a pool gate must NEVER be propped open. Make sure pool drain covers are not missing or broken.

~ Keep a phone near the pool at all times in case of emergency. Some families and

~ Throughout the year, have regular conversations with your children about swim safety, even when they aren't at the pool, such as during a car ride or at dinner. Constant reminders and conversation will ingrain water safety into your children"s minds and habits. 

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