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Youth Athlete Hydration

Even though swimmers practice their sport immersed in water, they still sweat and need to drink just as much as land-based athletes. 

The importance of hydration for good health and properly functioning body systems cannot be overstated, especially for the young athlete. According to researcher Dr. Susan Yeargin from the University of South Carolina, up to 75 percent of young athletes aged 8 to 18 are dehydrated before they even arrive at practice. And because most athletes are only replenishing 2/3 of the water they lose after competition, they are in danger of consequences that include heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Hydration plays a major role in the health of the young athlete. This guide shows how much of a sports drink or water the youth athlete should consume before, during and after activity. 

This Youth Sports Hydration Guide was provided by Cisco Athletic
Republished with permission from Brandon Capaletti, Vice President of Cisco Athletic, an athletic apparel manufacturer of adult and youth custom uniforms. 

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